Healthy or Not? The Ten Things in My Strive to Thrive Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy or Not? The Ten Things in My Strive to Thrive Healthy Eating Plan

How’s your 2015 going thus far? Perhaps you made a New Year’s Resolution(s) and continue to rock those goals or perhaps that thought has drifted away like passing clouds and you barely remember what you promised yourself.

Personally, I have mixed emotions about the success of New Year’s Resolutions. If they work for you, great go for it, if they don’t find another way and why wait for the New Year to change a behavior. That thought has become my latest personal conclusion about diets, good, bad, fast, and fad. I’m going to do what feels right/healthy for ME!

Most of us have made the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, eat healthier…blah, blah, blah and failed. Maybe it was a lack of commitment, failure to plan, lack of support, no reward system or the easiest one of all…self-sabotage. All of these things are crucial tools to have as we create goals to better ourselves. When it comes to food and diets, we are bombarded with a plethora of information.

I am a fan of lots of information; education is good. Nevertheless, how do we discern good vs. bad and what will actually work for us personally? On any given day, meat is great, healthy, and ok to eat, the next day it is unhealthy, eggs are bad, then good, wholesome grains are needed, then they become the enemy, Paleo or Mediterranean. What’s a girl to do?

For me I have made a personal decision that will be based on all the information that I continue to gather from books, magazines, television, doctors, and my own personal observations of my body and how it feels. Here’s MY plan……………..

• The majority of knowledgeable folks seem to agree as do I that MODERATION is instrumental; therefore, moderation will be the mindset I will continue to initiate into my lifestyle.
• Poultry and fish are agreed upon and since I like both I’m going to eat both.
• I like beef and pork, not all agree on whether or not the poor cow is a healthy alternative but I enjoy eating both beef and pork so I will use my “moderation mindset” for those two meat categories.
• Veggies and fruits get thumbs up from those in the know and from me as well!
• Nuts and beans yep we all agree on their nutritional value and I love them both so they are in my plan. Of course, I must practice moderation with those delicious nuts!
• Grains, breads, wheat, rice….hmmm for me it’s a personal choice because:
A. My husband has celiac and we eat gluten free.
B. I occasionally splurge with some bread but the calories….whoa. Moderation    Mindset with this one!
C. Rice yes, but again moderation because now they claim rice has arsenic in it so I cook and rinse!
• SUGAR…….YIKES……this one hurts! Sugar seems to really be bad for most because it is processed, high calorie and for me addictive. When I eat sugar regularly, I crave it, when I eat it on rare occasions I don’t so in keeping with listening to MY body it is telling me to stay away!
• Processed food, I think common sense tells us that natural foods are healthier and I strive for that. Cooking gluten free requires a lot of real food, I raise a garden and can my own vegetables, I purchase fresh and frozen foods, I shop the outside isles as much as possible and I feel better eating this way. So again my body says, avoid processed foods as much as possible.
• Soda/Pop, whatever you call it there can’t be anything good about it other than the taste. Oh, how I love the burn of a good soda but I know it cannot be healthy for me; water is better so my personal choice eight months ago was to give up soda and drink more water. It was hard but I did it and rarely crave soda. However on occasion when I do have one it still tastes so good. I drink no less than two liters of water a day, well MOST days. I just took a drink by the way. Have that water handy and you will consume more!
• Alcohol that’s another one that flip flops whether or not it’s good for you. If you are an alcoholic, do not drink! Get help! It can be done! I have seen it change people’s lives for the better or for the worse if you don’t stop. For me personally, I’m using the moderation mindset. I like a little wine or a cold beer but that’s just me and it is working thus far.

I love to learn all the new criteria about healthy eating, how food works with or against your body and the nourishment that it provides. Food is our fuel, we can’t live without it. Will it be your enemy or will you learn how to be compatible with the fuel your body requires, it is up to you and listening to your body can be your most important guide. Good luck constructing your personal healthy lifestyle plan!

Be Happy & Healthy………….Nancy
Salsa July 31, 2011

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