Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet

If you are a parent you have probably heard these words come from your children’s mouths more times than you care to remember. Children are not the only ones that become impatient traveling down the road in route to a destination. I hate to admit it, but I have made countless trips with the destination being the priority, and the journey being overlooked. I think it is very common when traveling especially on a more mundane trip in which all the sights have ceased to be amusing many miles ago. However, what about life? Are we engaged in all the joys, sorrows, experiences, and lessons that our life gives us as we journey through to the destination? Is our destination some kind of illusive climax that we are trying to achieve giving little or no attention to the triumphs and tribulations of the journey?

I remember as a young adult acquiring autonomy in life, of having a list of things I wanted to accomplish. As I began to think about becoming a parent I knew that I wanted to own my own home, have a reliable car, nice things in the house and enough money to support the needs of my child. I remember my mom telling me once that if my list got any bigger I would never have children and she was right. Instead of enjoying life and living in the moment, I was on a “check it off my list” mission of living only for tomorrow. Eventually I became a parent and what a blessing that was, however the whirlwind continued.

Once again, my “check it off my list” mission reared its ugly head with doing this, buying that, affording this and accomplishing goals or tasks on my mental to do list. I am not against goals by any means, goals are wonderful motivators to create our life of authentic happiness however, we must discern our journey, relish the good, and learn from the bad as we set out to accomplish our goals.

I see it everywhere, young and old, working hard for the American dream, and wanting to get that next mission accomplished and I wonder are folks missing the experiences of life, of living in the moment. Everything in life is a process, writing this blog, building a company, buying a home, nourishing a relationship, the process of doing these things can be the jewels in the crown if we are appreciating the process instead of being consumed with the destination. What happens when you get to the destination, do you look back and say “wow that was some great ride!” or do you look back and say “where did the time go?”

As I have matured, I am savoring the journey more and more which is an accomplishment for me as I’ve always been a 0 to 100 in a split second kind of girl. I’ve always felt like I had to get things done, as many as possible, and now as I look back I think perhaps I should have appreciated moments a bit more. Now when we venture out on the long drive to our vacation destination I appreciate the journey as much as the destination and looking back over the years the journey has always been equally as exciting as the destination perhaps I just didn’t recognize it at the time.

When you think about life and death, one is the journey and the other is the destination. Typically, most of us are not rushing to get to the end of our lives, the destination. As I continue on with this journey of life, hopefully with many more years of life experiences and lessons to be learned, I vow right here in this blog that I will strive to give more sincere devotion to the journey and appreciation to all that it has to offer and I am hopeful you will too! No wiser words have been spoken than those of Abraham Lincoln, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Be Happy & Healthy My Friends……………Nancy

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