We All Want What We Ain’t Got

We All Want What We Ain’t Got

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Eating breakfast this morning I listened to the words of Jake Owen’s song “We all Want What We Ain’t Got” and reflected on the weekend’s events that I was a participant in or heard about through the media. I saw and heard about tragedy and triumph and with this I pondered, what makes a person so resilient in the face of adversity verses the helplessness of those full of blame and self-pity because they all want what they ain’t got!

We’ve all been there folks; haven’t you ever experienced envy or jealousy, needlessly assigned blame or criticism of another. What I see when this happens in myself or someone else is an exhausting negativity that drains the goodness out of your heart and soul, leaving emptiness.

This weekend I watched as our fellow brothers and sisters, struggled for food, shelter, medical attention, searching for their loved ones because of the tragic earthquake that ravaged devastation over Nepal. I heard the sad news of the loss of a young woman I knew that had waged a war against her medical condition was lost in a coma for weeks, was a daughter, sister, aunt and community member loved by all.

However, I also saw a young woman not your typical size three teenage girl voted as the Prom Queen gloriously accepting her crown and sash even though she herself has had a few adversities to overcome yet never gave up. I saw a small community rally together to raise money with a 5K benefit for a baby girl struggling with her medical condition and yes, the Prom Queen was there for the 5K the day after prom!

So what is it then that guides a person’s heart in the direction of giving, loving, accepting, and fighting adversity verses wanting, hating, blaming, and giving up? What I witnessed was faith, family, and community bonds, connections with each other and love, love of family, love of fellow man and love of community. Big or small communities the bonds are there, acceptance of race, religion, and all of our differences give way to heartfelt connections, support of each other regardless of our diversities.

I am proud and inspired to have witnessed the goodness in humanity this weekend and I refuse to let the bad overshadow the good. I am hopeful for all that gratitude, love, acceptance, sacrifice, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm will fill your hearts and minds so that in this world where evil, hatred, and hostility continues to thrive you too will experience the good that I saw in folks this weekend and that this goodness in humanity will continue to grow and flourish.

Never forget my friends, to take a moment and contemplate with open eyes, ears and hearts what you have instead of wanting what you ain’t got!

Inspired by Miranda and in memory of Renee.

With Light & Love,

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