Rainy Day Doldrums

Rainy Day Doldrums


Apparently, for Missouri folks, Mother Nature has decided that in addition to the April showers, we need May and June showers as well. I have zero influence over the weather patterns and most likely, sometime this summer I will be hopin and a prayin for rain but for now, stick a fork in me because I’m done with it!

So how shall we survive these tireless, gray, dismal days? I ask myself that question each morning when I wake up to another cloudy day; so I reflected on a few strategies this drizzly Thursday to keep my mind busy on something other than the rain coming down outside my window.

Rain is a make it or break it resource for my family, as we are farmers. We either love it or we hate it. If you know a farmer, you know that they are typically never happy with the weather. They will moan and groan that they need the rain to stop so they can get their crops planted or the hay cut or the hay raked or the hay bailed. The next week, they will grumble that it’s too dry and the crops need a rain. Or they need the rain to stop because the river is about to rise above flood stage. Or they need the rains to come because the ponds are about to dry up and what will the cattle drink. You get the picture. So you see during a rainy or dry season we pretty much always talk about the lack of or need of rain at my house.

Now although the farmer might complain about the weather I must admit they do have the patience of Job and from this, I have gathered some observations of how to be patient myself or perhaps it comes from just living with a farmer for over twenty years.

So here are my 10 reasons for why we should accept all these rainy days and just deal with it.

• Most years regardless of the excess or lack of rain things usually work out. Some years may be better than others may, but with an exception or two, we have survived the weather thus far.
• We are powerless over the weather so why waste our energy worrying about it? Well the farmer is the exception! Little piece of advice, do not tell the farmer to not worry about the weather or he will look at you as if you just grew Dumbo ears or something similar.
• The rain is good, it washes the dirt off the streets, fills the ponds, makes the birds happy, things grow when they have water and it saves me from watering my flowers and garden.
• I suspect there is a higher power than I, that knows whether we need rain or not so, I’m not even going to argue that point.
• There are always things that can be done that have been neglected because we would rather be outside on a pretty day, so knock those chores off your list while the weather is less than desirable. I wrote this blog today and completed several other things I had on my “to do” list.
• Sometimes the rain can be fun, especially for kids. I have many fond memories from my childhood and my son’s childhood of playing in the rain.
• Would you rather have a drought? Not me I’ll take the rain. I hope that I won’t have to eat those words!
• I prefer green over brown!
• Lawn mowing businesses thrive!
• Last but not least, what the heck would the farmer grumble about if the weather were not cooperating?

There you go, my simple little list of why and how I am going to get through this wet Missouri spring and jump for joy when it’s time to start complaining about it being so darn hot in Missouri. Till next time.

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