The Secret to Positivity

The Secret to Positivity

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Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

~William James

Striving to be a positive person has not always been a priority in my life nor has it been something that I put much thought in to when I was younger, living a sometimes chaotic and most times frenzied life. There have been times when life was not so fun, plans were not going as I had hoped they would, life wasn’t working out as if I thought it should, there were plenty of struggles and yes a few failures.

As I look back on my young, adult life that was filled with challenges and some adversities, I actually amaze myself at the positivity that was present in my life when I was in the midst of what sometimes seemed to be hopelessness. I admire the folks that have their life planned out knowing exactly what they want and just as important, what they don’t want. It amazes me when a person embarks on their journey to college with a plan, because when I was 18 and skipped off to college I was clueless and when I was in my mid-thirties trying to finish my degree I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my professional life.

I have always allowed, so that means, “I CHOSE”, situations, geography, and people to place limitations on my dreams but I have fought diligently to maintain my positivity. I remember my first experience of trying to decide a major for college when I was seventeen or eighteen years old. I was fascinated by the mind and how it worked, I talked about psychology as a major but it only took a few disparaging comments to leave me doubting my plans. Long story short my college career ended before I ever gave it a chance but funny thing, when I was 40 I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in WHAT…wait for it….that’s right…psychology.

As mentioned earlier, I have allowed my commitments to others affect my choices in life wanting one thing but perhaps second guessing myself or just settling vs pursuing my ultimate dreams. However, I have always tried, not always succeeded but have for the most part maintained my positivity regarding life and life’s challenges. I am actually not complaining about the relationships and geography that have influenced my decisions as they have been the strongest, dearest most important things in my life and always will be. I am proud to have completed my degree, sad that I didn’t do more with it, but happy and filled with positivity that the choices I made instead of a stellar career in psychology were the right choices and have allowed me to be happy, fulfilled, and positive about life. You see, as I’ve grown older I think I may be on to something; it’s called “life experiences” and growing from them. You know attaining self-actualization!

So you want to know the secret to positivity. Well the secret is different for everyone but for me I believe that my spiritual relationship with God is my guiding force in being able to remain optimistic. Yes, I know not everyone is on board with this and may have a different meaning of whom or what their spirituality is, but God is what works for me as it gives me hope, strength, and a private sounding board. It’s as if I have the world’s greatest FREE counselor to guide me through the hard times.

Family, friends, commitments, dogs, cats, exercise, good food, a good doctor that is kind of like a friend and finding gratitude in what I have instead of whining about what I don’t have are guiding forces to my happiness as well. These things connect me, instill responsibility, and give me a feeling of worth.

I believe strongly that learning new things, reading, studying, growing, and being open-minded has helped me to adapt and make the changes necessary to be a happy person vs regretful for what I didn’t accomplish.

Knowing and accepting that it’s ok to have those moments, hours, or days of feeling blah. Seriously, we cannot be chipper all the time and allowing ourselves the time and space to be melancholy brings about reflection in others and ourselves.

All are simple things but when utilized properly can be the guiding map of life! However, it’s not over yet, I still buy green bananas! An important realization that I’ve had as I mature…is that it is never too late. Truly just living life one day at a time and knowing that God willing and the Creek don’t rise, there will be a tomorrow, a tomorrow that is waiting for me to do something great, big or small, and that’s ok!

With Positivity & Gratitude……..

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