Humble & Kind

Humble & Kind

Are you one those people that hears a song of your past and reminisces in your mind about the good old days and what you were doing when that song was popular? I am. Not only do the songs of my past stir something in my soul but also certain songs of today strike a chord in my heart that causes it to beat a little bit harder. Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw is one of those songs!

The first time I heard the song I fell in love. The words are so easygoing, tender, and full of truth. I can’t think of better advice than the lyrics of this song.

For me, this song speaks of simpler times and it doesn’t have to be from the yesteryears, simpler times can be present in our lives right now, however we tend to complicate things.

Church/God has been a guiding force in my life…always. Sure when I was young, I did what many young folks do, allowed myself to get so wrapped up in my life that I didn’t make time to go to Church, however I always had prayer, probably not as much as I should have but it was there. Looking back, I see the correlation of having a stronger presence of God in my life and it running a bit more smoothly vs trying to take the reins myself.

My grandparents have been gone for many years, my father has been gone since I was 29 and my mother is 93 so my days of visiting her are limited. However, to be perfectly honest, I get busy and sometimes I have to remind myself, visit your mother. The words of this song are a beautiful reminder that it won’t be wasted time.

How wonderful would this world be if we all took the advice of this song? How easy is it to hold the door, say please, and say thank you. Those are things anyone can do with little effort and think about the effects it has on the other person. What about acceptance of others, not just our similarities but also our differences.

Is it easier not to cheat, steal and lie? It is for me. Lies waste so much energy trying to keep them all sorted out. Who feels good about cheating and stealing? I hope you don’t!

I love how Tim says it’s ok to be proud but he gives us simple instructions of how to do it appropriately. Be humble and kind!

I want to feel the goodness of what this life has to offer. We are blessed with fresh air, sunshine, water, food, we have family, friends, and a country at peace but not everyone is as lucky; what does Tim tell us? Help the next one in line. Pay it forward my friends, pay it forward.

So Tim McGraw thank you for this song. Your words echo goodness in my heart, mind, and soul every time I hear this and when it’s not playing on the radio, I’m going to try and remember your advice to always be humble and kind.

Below is my husband, the epitome of “humble and kind”.

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For your listening enjoyment, is this You Tube link of

Tim McGraw’s “Humble & Kind”.


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